A new look at an ancient substance

Seawards most ambitious work to date will challenge your perception of Canada’s most controversial resource, shedding a new light on an old material

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Capturing the overlooked

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These intriguing pieces seamlessly fuse macro photography with naturally occurring oil sands which creates a multi-dimensional viewing experience

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Artist Statement

Seaward's striking contemporary oil sand panels explore the relationship between perception and opinion, incorporating a variety of materials from ink on paper to textured rich oil sands encapsulated in glass-like resin. These intriguing pieces seamlessly fuse macro photography with raw naturally occurring oil sands in an aim to expand upon one’s awareness of Alberta’s most controversially utilized resource formulating it beyond its utilitarian history and social dogma. Seaward has a deep reverence for imagery, which combined with his meticulous approach, allows the viewer to surmise and discover the allegorical through natural form, offering an opportunity to break with the past to see anew.

Short Biography

Lucas Seaward is a Canadian painter, photographer, graphic designer who has always been fascinated with the complex relationship between man and nature. In 2009 Lucas journeyed to Fort McMurray where he discovered the immense industrial development happening in Northern Alberta. Conflicted with mixed emotions of the visit Lucas has since been on a mission to challenge our perceptions of Alberta’s oil sands, advocating open-mindedness while encouraging awareness of man’s growing impact on the planet. Today, out of his studio in Edmonton, Lucas pursues a reconnection between humanity and nature with an imaginative new approach to an ancient substance.

Interesting Fact

Fort McMurray

This body of work is an accumulation of seven years of photography taken entirely within walking distance of Fort McMurray.

Printed on

Epson Legacy Paper

Legacy Baryta has two barium sulphate coatings with an industry leading microporous inkjet receptive layer that produces deep, rich blacks (Dmax), expanded colour gamut and gentle tonal gradations.

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